The 16th Asian Freight Industry Awards

The best service providers in Asia's cargo industry have been rewarded for a year of outstanding work at the Asian Freight Industry Awards in Singapore.

Now in its 16th year, the AFIA has become the highlight of the Asian freight industry calendar.

More than 13,000 readers of Cargonews Asia, the leading freight industry newspaper in the region, voted to select the best service providers in 37 industry-specific categories.

The AFIA's special role is that they are the only Asian freight awards in which the customers, and not a panel of judges, are asked to choose the best service providers.

Nominated companies can track their performance and gauge customer satisfaction levels by watching their standings change from one year to the next.

All returned nomination and final ballot forms are audited by international auditor Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

Cargonews Asia voters and readers recognise excellence in companies from Europe, North America and the Middle East, as well as Asia, reflecting the global nature of the cargo industry.

The ceremony took place at the Hilton Singapore in Singapore on March 14th.

How the AFIA Process is Done

The AFIA nomination forms are inserted in the first September issue of Cargonews Asia. All readers receive the numbered forms and nominate their favourite companies in different categories, the number of which varies each year. Our reader should return the original nomination forms by the end of October, photocopies are not accepted. Companies are allowed to nominate themselves in this round.

The audit firm (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu) then audits and finalises the nomination round. Voting ballots are sent to our readers in early December by direct mail. All ballot forms have to be returned to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu by the end of January. Companies cannot vote for themselves in this round, and only shippers can vote for all categories. Different readers vote for different categories, for example, airlines can vote for air cargo terminals and airports but not for ports and container terminals.

The AFIA preview is run in the January issue of Cargonews Asia. Nominees in all categories are listed in the preview along with editorial coverage of all categories, details about which categories are new that year, the number of nominations in each category, and other relevant information about the coming awards ceremony.

The results are finalised by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu at the beginning of March. Cargonews Asia informs all winners and sends out invitations for the awards presentation ceremony. The presentation is held alternately in Hong Kong and Singapore. A news embargo is enforced until the date of the presentation. All winners receive a press kit, which includes different versions voting form, the ranking of all categories, and the percentage of the sharing vote.

Finally, there is an AFIA review in the April issue of Cargonews Asia. All winners are invited to use this opportunity to advertisers in this issue to thank the readers who voted for them.

AFIA 2002 Award Winners

The following are the Award winners from Asian Freight Industry Awards 2002:

  Best Global Air Cargo Carrier
1st Singapore Airlines Cargo 22.19%
2nd FedEx 16.60%
3rd DHL 13.91%
4th Lufthansa 11.36%
5th Cathay Pacific 10.37%
6th Cargolux Airlines 6.50%
7th KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 5.54%
8th Nippon Cargo Airlines 4.60%
9th Korean Air 3.64%
10th Air France 3.38%
11th Atlas Air 1.21%
12th Thai Airways International 0.30%
13th British Airways 0.11%
13th MASKargo 0.11%
13th Swiss Cargo 0.11%
16th China Airlines 0.06%
17th Scandinavian Airlines 0.02%
Best Air Cargo Carrier
1st Singapore Airlines Cargo 29.81%
2nd Cathay Pacific 19.71%
3rd JAL Cargo 10.03%
4th Nippon Cargo Airlines 8.64%
5th EVA Air 7.25%
6th Thai Airways International 7.00%
7th Korean Air 5.89%
8th MASKargo 4.84%
9th China Airlines 4.73%
10th Silk Air 1.68%
11th British Airways 0.11%
11th Swiss Cargo 0.11%
13th PAL 0.09%
14th DHL 0.07%
15th Dragonair 0.02%

North America

1st FedEx 23.39%
2nd DHL 18.22%
3rd UPS 14.49%
4th United Airlines 10.55%
5th Northwest Airlines 9.60%
6th American Airlines 5.88%
7th Evergreen International Airlines 5.01%
8th Emery Worldwide 4.74%
9th Polar Air Cargo 4.51%
10th Continental Airlines 3.59%
11th Airborne Express 0.02%


1st Lufthansa 27.18%
2nd KLM 22.62%
3rd Cargolux Airlines 20.04%
4th Air France 15.70%
5th TNT 13.84%
6th DHL 0.24%
7th Swiss Cargo 0.19%
8th SAS 0.13%
9th British Airways 0.05%

Middle East

1st Emirates SkyCargo 58.28%
2nd Gulf Air 40.64%
3rd DHL 0.47%
3rd Saudi Arabian Airlines 0.47%
5th Kuwait Airways 0.14%
  Best All Cargo Airline
1st FedEx 25.01%
2nd DHL 21.99%
3rd Cargolux Airlines 16.63%
4th Nippon Cargo Airlines 11.99%
5th Evergreen International Airlines 11.68%
6th Atlas Air 6.16%
7th Polar Air Cargo 5.87%
8th UPS 0.56%
9th Singapore Airlines Cargo 0.13%
Best Airport
1st Changi, Singapore 37.50%
2nd Hong Kong International 30.31%
3rd Kuala Lumpur International 17.12%
4th Chiang Kai Shek, Taipei 14.04%
5th Incheon Korea 0.27%
6th Narita Japan 0.22%
7th Kansai Airport 0.16%
8th Bangkok Int'l 0.11%
8th Nino Aquino International Airport 0.11%
10th Sydney 0.09%
11th Tan Son Nhat (Saigon) 0.04%
12th Manila Philippines 0.02%

North America

1st JFK International Airport, New York 23.29%
2nd Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport 20.62%
3rd LAX 18.37%
4th San Francisco Airport 17.08%
5th Hartsfield Atlanta Int'l Airport 6.97%
6th Denver International Airport 6.74%
7th Memphis International Airport 4.47%
8th Rickenbacker International Airport,
Columbus, Ohio 2.10%
9th Dallas/Fort Worth International 0.20%
10th Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
Airport 0.13%
11th Detroit 0.03%


1st Heathrow, London 20.43%
2nd Schiphol, Amsterdam 18.97%
3rd Fraport, Frankfurt Airport 18.60%
4th Charles de Gaulle, Paris 13.06%
5th Hamburg Airport 9.62%
6th Luxembourg Airport 9.21%
7th Copenhagen Airport 7.87%
8th East Midlands Airport 2.02%
9th Zurich Airport 0.22%

Middle East

1st Dubai International Airport 64.34%
2nd Bahrain International Airport 34.98%
3rd Jeddah 0.27%
4th Sharjah 0.23%
5th Abu Dhabi Airport 0.18%
Best Air Cargo Terminal Operator
1st SATS - Singapore 25.86%
2nd CIAS - Singapore 25.06%
3rd Hactl - Hong Kong 20.77%
4th AAT - Hong Kong 18.39%
5th KLAS, Malaysia 9.90%
6th CKS Taipei 0.02%

North America

1st Los Angeles 42.22%
2nd Chicago 32.86%
3rd Seattle 23.86%
4th JFK New York 0.30%
4th FedEx 0.30%
6th CVG 0.16%
6th Dallas/Fort Worth International 0.16%
8th SFO 0.13%


1st Amsterdam Schiphol 34.08%
2nd Fraport, Frankfurt Airport 31.97%
3rd Hamburg 21.98%
4th Rome 11.23%
5th Copenhagen 0.15%
5th EMA 0.15%
7th Heathrow Airport 0.12%
7th Airport Luxembourg 0.12%
7th Cargologic, Zurich Airport 0.12%
10th Swissport 0.09%

Middle East

1st DNATA 100.00%
  Best Express Service
1st DHL Worldwide Express 27.17%
2nd FedEx 24.93%
3rd UPS 15.75%
4th TNT Express Worldwide 10.35%
5th Singapore Airlines Cargo 9.32%
6th Emery Worldwide 4.56%
7th Airborne Express 4.08%
8th Schenker International 3.74%
9th Danzas AEI 0.09%
  Best Warehouse Operator
1st DHL Worldwide Express 10.67%
2nd FedEx 9.75%
3rd Changi International Logistics Centre 8.71%
4th CIAS - Singapore 6.97%
5th SATS - Singapore 6.05%
6th PSA Corporation 5.13%
7th APL Logistics 4.87%
8th Danzas - AEI 4.60%
9th Hactl - Hong Kong 4.46%
10th Kuehne & Nagel 4.06%
11th UPS 4.00%
12th Schenker International 3.28%
13th EXEL 3.26%
14th Jardine Logistics 2.70%
15th HIT Hong Kong 2.56%
16th ATL Logistics Centre Hong Kong 2.42%
17th Dubai Cargo Village 2.10%
18th Emery Worldwide 1.71%
19th Shanghai Orient International Container
Transportation Co 1.64%
20th Kerry Logistics 1.59%
21th Mitsui - Soko 1.43%
22th CWT 1.32%
22th Sunhing Hungkai Godown (Kwai Chung) Co 1.32%
24th Panalpina 1.20%
25th YCH 1.15%
26th U-Freight 1.09%
27th Hellmann International Logistics 0.90%
28th Birkart Globistics 0.55%
29th Maersk Logistics 0.28%
30th Sembcorp Logistics 0.12%
30th Keppel Logistics 0.12%
  Best Global Shipping Line
1st Maersk Sealand 20.88%
2nd APL / NOL 18.83%
3rd Evergreen Marine Corp 11.70%
4th P&O Nedlloyd 11.43%
5th Hapag-Lloyd 10.71%
6th Mitsui OSK Lines 6.94%
7th OOCL 6.43%
8th Hanjin 4.07%
9th Hyundai Merchant Marine 3.76%
10th Senator Lines 1.73%
11th MISC 1.63%
12th MSC 1.62%
13th NYK 0.12%
14th COSCO 0.07%
15th Yang Ming Lines 0.05%
16th China Shipping 0.02%
  Best Shipping Line 
1st Maersk Sealand 21.45%
2nd APL / NOL 19.78%
3rd Evergreen Marine Corp 11.69%
4th P&O Nedlloyd 11.05%
5th NYK Line 8.08%
6th Mitsui OSK Lines 7.85%
7th OOCL 7.76%
8th Hanjin 7.68%
9th Hyundai Merchant Marine 4.58%
10th Yang Ming Lines 0.07%


1st Maersk Sealand 20.23%
2nd APL / NOL 15.16%
3rd P&O Nedlloyd 13.67%
4th Hapag-Lloyd 13.40%
5th Evergreen Marine Corp 11.76%
6th OOCL 7.26%
7th Hanjin 6.92%
8th Hyundai Merchant Marine 4.52%
9th Senator Lines 3.06%
10th CMA-CGM 2.45%
11th Zim (Israel) Lines 1.46%
12th Yang Ming Lines 0.05%
13th "K" Line 0.03%
13th Mitsui OSK Lines 0.03%


1st Maersk Sealand 17.89%
2nd APL / NOL 15.55%
3rd OOCL 9.73%
4th Hapag-Lloyd 9.31%
5th P&O Nedlloyd 9.01%
6th Hanjin 7.13%
7th Wan Hai 6.53%
8th Uniglory 5.46%
9th Hyundai Merchant Marine 5.18%
10th Pacific International Lines 4.32%
11th RCL 4.09%
12th Heung-A Shipping Co 2.02%
13th Dongnama 1.78%
14th Samudera Shipping Line 1.62%
15th China Shipping 0.13%
15th MISC 0.13%
17th KMTC 0.08%
18th "K" Line 0.05%

Asia-Middle East

1st Maersk Sealand 20.68%
2nd APL / NOL 16.89%
3rd Evergreen Marine Corp 12.48%
4th P&O Nedlloyd 11.42%
5th OOCL 9.68%
6th NYK Line 8.38%
7th UASC & Norasia Shipping 6.38%
8th Hyundai Merchant Marine 5.38%
9th Pacific International Lines 4.53%
10th CMA-CGM 4.07%
11th MISC 0.11%
  Best Seaport
1st Singapore 29.84%
2nd Hong Kong 27.40%
3rd Kaohsiung, Taiwan 12.78%
4th Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP),
Malaysia 10.72%
5th Shanghai, China 10.24%
6th Laem Chabang, Thailand 5.34%
7th Shekou, China 3.30%
8th Yantian, China 0.13%
9th Busan 0.11%
10th Yokohama 0.08%
11th Manila 0.06%

North America

1st Long Beach 25.07%
2nd Los Angeles 21.06%
3rd New York & New Jersey 17.82%
4th Seattle 13.67%
5th Oakland 9.82%
6th Portland 6.94%
7th Tacoma 5.40%
8th Delta Port, Vancouver 0.11%
8th Baltimore 0.11%


1st Rotterdam 25.62%
2nd Hamburg 23.29%
3rd Amsterdam 15.19%
4th Antwerp 14.16%
5th Felixstowe 10.10%
6th Le Havre 7.95%
7th Algeciras 3.14%
8th Bremerhaven 0.22%
9th Southampton 0.11%
10th Aarhus 0.09%
10th Zebbrugge 0.09%
12th Barcelona 0.04%

Middle East

1st Dubai 43.96%
2nd Bahrain 22.54%
3rd Jeddah 20.10%
4th Salalah 13.16%
5th Bandar Abbas 0.06%
6th Doha 0.03%
6th Abu Dhabi 0.03%
6th Djibouti 0.03%
6th Port Said 0.03%
6th Aden 0.03%
6th Sharjah 0.03%
6th Muscat 0.03%
  Best Container Terminal Operator
1st PSA Corporation 23.17%
2nd HIT - Hong Kong 18.29%
3rd Asia Terminal HK 10.89%
4th A.P. Moller Terminals 6.20%
5th Port of Tanjung Pelepas 5.70%
6th CSX World Terminals HK Ltd 5.66%
7th MTL 4.95%
8th P&O Ports 4.60%
9th Dalian Container Terminal, China 4.25%
10th Westport 2.97%
11th Shekou Container Terminals 2.77%
12th CSX Orient (Tianjin) Container Terminals Co Ltd 2.35%
13rd Northport 2.25%
14th ICTSI 2.15%
15th Penang Port Sdn Bhd 2.11%
16th Kuantan Port Consortium Sdn Bhd 1.16%
17th Yantian International Container Terminal 0.22%
18th Laem Chabang Port (Terminal B5) 0.18%
19th ATI Manila 0.06%
19th Maersk Sealand 0.06%
21th Chiwan KFT 0.02%

North America

1st Long Beach Container Terminal 25.69%
2nd Port Authority of New York & New Jersey 21.65%
3rd APL Limited, Los Angeles 21.24%
4th A. P. Moller Terminals 13.97%
5th P&O Ports 12.41%
6th SSA - Stevedoring Services of America 4.90%
7th Hanjin 0.12%
8th Maersk Sealand 0.02%


1st HHLA, Hamburg 27.31%
2nd P&O Ports 21.48%
3rd A. P. Moller Terminals 21.02%
4th PSA Voltri Terminal Europe 16.26%
5th ECT 13.67%
6th Rotterdam 0.13%
7th Zebbrugge 0.11%
8th Maersk Sealand 0.03%

Middle East

1st Dubai Ports Authority 46.99%
2nd A. P. Moller Terminals 29.12%
3rd Aden Container Terminal 23.66%
4th Bahrain 0.16%
5th Salalah 0.07%
  Best Railroad
1st KCR - Hong Kong 43.96%
2nd KTM - Malaysia 30.05%
3rd Trans-Siberian Railway - Russia 25.51%
4th State Railway of Thailand 0.49%

International - Outside Asia

1st Euro Rail 22.11%
2nd Deutsche Bahn - German Railways 21.95%
3rd Canadian Pacific 18.54%
4th CSX - USA 18.10%
5th SBB Switzerland 14.15%
6th State Railway of Thailand 4.83%
7th Green Cargo Sweden 0.16%
7th Union Pacific 0.16%
  Best Road Haulier (Trucking)
1st FedEx 15.78%
2nd Nippon Express 13.88%
3rd Kuehne & Nagel 10.70%
4th Schenker International 9.49%
5th EURO Express 8.54%
6th Orient Trucking Hong Kong Ltd 8.39%
7th Mitsui-Soko 6.54%
8th Hellmann Worldwide Logistics 5.49%
9th Kontena Nasional, Malaysia 4.95%
10th Sagawa Express 4.88%
11th U-Freight 4.34%
12th NBC Thailand 3.22%
13th SIAM Intermodal Services 3.16%
14th Keppel Logistics 0.20%
15th Kerry Logistics 0.14%
15th Danzas-AEI 0.14%
15th EAS Int'l Transport 0.14%

International - Outside Asia

1st Schenker International 15.37%
2nd Gebruder-Weiss 14.90%
3rd DHL 14.65%
4th Maersk Logistics 13.82%
5th Kuehne & Nagel 10.77%
6th Danzas-AEI 10.59%
7th Toll Holdings 9.46%
8th Consolidated Freightways 5.34%
9th Hellmann Worldwide Logistics 4.59%
10th ROHLIG 0.15%
10th UPS 0.15%
10th Con-way 0.15%
13th Mad Dog 0.06%
  Best Forwarder
1st Maersk Logistics 12.41%
2nd APL Logistics 11.23%
3rd Danzas-AEI 9.90%
4th EXEL 7.34%
5th Emery Worldwide 7.10%
6th Jardine Logistics 7.05%
7th Nippon Express 7.00%
8th Kuehne & Nagel 6.60%
9th BAX Global 6.46%
10th Schenker International 4.83%
11th GeoLogistics 3.69%
11th Hellmann Worldwide Logistics 3.69%

Panalpina 3.05%

14th Eagle Global Logistics 2.76%
15th Crown Air & Sea 2.26%
16th U-Freight 1.92%
17th Birkart Globistics 1.03%
18th ROHLIG 0.69%
19th Damco 0.64%
20th Kerry Logistics 0.25%
21th Pacific Star Express 0.10%


1st APL Logistics 17.54%
2nd Maersk Logistics 16.40%
3rd Danzas-AEI 7.50%
4th Kuehne & Nagel 7.04%
5th Schenker International 6.69%
6th Panalpina 5.12%
7th American Consolidation Service 5.08%

Jardine Logistics 4.97%

9th Emery Worldwide 4.81%
10th Mitsui-Soko 4.76%
11th EXEL 4.05%
12th Hellmann Worldwide Logistics 3.62%
13th U-Freight 3.07%
14th Sembawang Corp Logistics 2.69%
15th Crown Air & Sea 1.76%
16th Consolidated Freight Specialists 1.19%
17th ROHLIG 1.09%
18th TopOcean Consolidation 0.78%
19th Damco 0.72%
20th Birkart Globistics 0.67%
21th Euro Pac Shipping 0.26%
22th Baltrans 0.16%
23th Pacific Star Express 0.05%


1st APL Logistics 17.50%
2nd Maersk Logistics 13.98%
3rd Danzas-AEI 7.49%
4th Nippon Express 7.44%
5th Kuehne & Nagel 7.27%
6th EXEL 7.22%
7th Emery Worldwide 6.29%
8th Schenker International 6.16%
9th Jardine Logistics 5.19%
10th Mitsui-Soko 4.70%
11th Panalpina 4.21%
12th Hellmann Worldwide Logistics 3.94%
13th GeoLogistics 3.66%
14th Damco Sea & Air 1.84%
15th Crown Air & Sea 1.75%
16th Birkart Globistics 1.09%
17th Baltrans 0.22%
18th Pacific Star Express 0.05%
  Best Total Logistics Operator
1st FedEx 14.16%
2nd DHL Worldwide Express 13.41%
3rd APL Logistics 10.29%
4th PSA Logistics 9.27%
5th Maersk Logistics 7.57%
6th TNT Logistics 6.01%
7th Danzas-AEI 4.41%
8th Kuehne & Nagel 3.47%
9th BAX Global 3.30%
9th Schenker International 3.30%
11th EXEL 3.21%
12th Panalpina 2.94%
13th Emery Worldwide 2.54%
14th Mitsui-Soko 2.36%
15th GeoLogistics 2.27%
16th Jardine Logistics 2.23%
17th Hellmann Worldwide Logistics 1.60%
18th Deutsche Post World Net 1.43%
18th Port Klang Distribution Park 1.43%
20th Cargo Systems (OOCL) 1.16%
21th U-Freight 1.02%
22th TopOcean Consolidation 0.53%
23th Birkart Globistics 0.45%
24th Crown Air & Sea 0.36%
24th NBC Container Depot Co 0.36%
26th Sembcorp Logistics 0.22%
26th Kerry Logistics 0.22%
26th Keppel Logistics 0.22%
29th AFS Projects & Logistics, Brisbane 0.18%
30th Pacific Star Express 0.09%
N.B.  Awards are won on the basis of a poll conducted among the readers of Cargonews Asia.

Cargonews Asia used a direct-mailing program to send out ballots for the voting round to poll only shippers and forwarders.

Votes cast by readers were returned to an independent auditor: Deloitte Toucher Tohmatsu

Awards were held in Singapore

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  • Cargonews Asia's publisher, Corey Bousen, gives a speech at the ceremony.
  • AFIA 2002 winners
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  • FedEx sweeps away with 4 awards.
  • Maersk Sealand takes home 5 awards.
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  • CEO, Mr. Lai, hands DHL Worldwide Express "Best Express Service" and "Best Warehouse Operator" awards.
  • Mr. John Lu, Chairman, Singapore National Shippers' Council, presented PSA Corporation with "Best Container Terminal Operator".

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