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Sun 25 May 2014
CNA 01May - 31May





12 May 2014
Hanjin Shipping has overcome a number of crises in the past, and I believe we can also overcome the difficulties that we face if we move forward together Cho Yang-ho, Hanjing Group and Hanjin Shipping CEO, on the management shake-up after a

QUOTES In time, a foreign investment is the only solution to make sure that the Qantas
28 April 2014
Capacity drags down air and ocean carriers
Shipping lines and air cargo operators are facing the same profitability-destroying proble
07 April 2014
Asian airlines will generally break even this year as many remained unprofitable in 2013.
07 April 2014

CNA 01Apr - 19Jun  
Low costs line road to shipping profitability
Bigger is better, was the message delivered by Alan Tung, the acting CFO of Orient Oversea
24 March 2014
If we don’t react quickly enough, the liners will leave for other ports Chung Wai-yi
24 March 2014
Whiff of recovery in air cargo markets
Slowing growth in emerging markets and lingering uncertainties in Europe and the US were n
17 February 2014

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